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About Us

The Black Business Bus Tour, LLC was started in 2006, Black Business Bus Tour (BBBT) is a organization focused on building our community values through raising awareness of the black business in the various communities. Secondly, the tour will create economic development for current and future business owners by:

❖ We host bus tours for each Black-owned store to patronize each store and create continued business for each location. The Businesses that participate on the tour on that day has reported an increase in sales by 100%.


❖ The tour gives the small black businesses an in-expensive way to promote their business.


❖ We have created strategic partnerships to help improve or assist others in starting businesses.


Statistics show that black people are twice as likely as whites to start a business, they are less likely to succeed. According to “Not for Lack of Trying: American Entrepreneurship in Black & White,” a 2006 study by Babson College in Babson Park, Mass., and the German Institute for Economic Research.

Today’s entrepreneurs need industry knowledge, to survive, its goods and services need to appeal to a broad clientele. The Black Business Bus Tour is open to anyone that wants to patronize the Black Businesses or participate in the tour.

We are not asking people to stop shopping at corporations or non-black companies, we are asking that we partner up with establishments to create longevity and economic development for black businesses.

Black Business Bus Tour, LLC®
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